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20 april, 2011 | Personal

Ph. weheartit

Today, I had my internship appointment. It went great and hopefully I will get the job. My whole day had to do something with the interview. This morning I felt a little ‘nervous’sick, the interview went good and now I’m stuck with an after-stress headache. So my inspiration is also a little down. But for the ones who are not familiar I will introduce www.weheartit.com. A website with loads of pictures. Here you will always get some inspiration in anyway. Hope everybody will take a look at this amazing website. Where do you get your inspiration?

19 april, 2011 | Inspiration

Ph. Fashiolista

I was just sailing with my boyfriend and got some inspiration by seeing people sitting in there garden. Some with to much clothes on and some with to less clothes on. Would love to have the red-all-star-wannabe-sneakers with a chain as laces. To bad I have the company seeing for my internship tomorrow otherwise I would probably wear something like this combination. What do you think of this outfit combination?

18 april, 2011 | Personal

Ph. rtl / mylifetime

Monday evening is ladies night at our place. I watch America’s Next Top Model & Project Runway. Getting a lot of inspiration from those tv series. Are you also following any programs to get your inspiration?

18 april, 2011 | FoodPersonal

Ph. Me

What a wonderful summery day. I’ve been searching for an internship for the last month. Did send I guess 176 e-mail with no respons or an excuse respons. Your not the right candidate or we don’t search for interns right now. Friday I mailed again two company’s without thinking. But, today I got a mail back that I can come to the office to have a conversation. Yeaaaah! My investment worked, I have an appointment. So wednesday at 11 o’clock I’ll be sitting there nervous as hell but that doesn’t mind. What to wear to such an appointment? Tell me….

14 april, 2011 | Personal

Ph. wowfoto / gittek / fashionrules

Wow, my time in NYC was really wonderfull. I’m back for already 4!!! years now but still NYC is in my heart. Today I went to school and saw a yellow cab in front of me. Then I went to the hairdresser, IN LOVE WITH MY NEW OMBRE HAIR, and read a magazine with a big article about NYC. Now I’m back home and watched some favorite blogs of mine and in my imagination every article is about NYC. Gosh, I miss you New York! Can’t wait to go back to the best place on the earth. (after Amsterdam!)