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18 mei, 2011 | Inspiration

Ph. weheartit
Just love the Olsen twins & their style! Pictures, movies, books, magazines, they are everywhere and they are in one word awesome!  Really like to find pictures of them in “casual” look. Their style is my inspiration.

16 mei, 2011 | Personal

Ph. Ajax

Soooo, back from being away. Went this weekend with my boyfriend to Groningen for one night. Shopped a little and had a nice diner together. Nice!! Sunday we went to my football club to watch the champions game. And we won!! Ajax is country champions!! After the game we had a little drink with a lot of friends and family in the stadium and after we went with the scooter to the Museumplein to see the honoring of the team. It was amazing, so many people, so many happy faces, so many tears, so many songs and the most important three stars on the new shirt! 
Up coming this week more global interesting posts but I had to write this! 

11 mei, 2011 | Personal

Ph. Me
Today I have a normal schoolday like all the others. Wearing a new skinny jeans (in love with it!!) with a basic My Brand top and white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers finished with a birkin bag & accessoires. Enjoying a nice day in the sun and in college.

10 mei, 2011 | Inspiration

Ph. Weheartit

In love with all the pink tones on the runways & in the stores right now. Guess it will be a fashioncolour this summer on the street. I bought myself already a pair of pink allstars & a pink blazer. 

9 mei, 2011 | Personal

Ph. Juicy Couture / Abercrombie
Working on school all day long today! So I found myself a very nice juicy tracking pants and simple Abercrombie tie on top of it. Rain is dropping on the windows. I’m not going to do anything else but watching my laptop screen and typing reflection reports for school. Hate those days but love them two!