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7 mei, 2011 | Fashion

Ph. Cartier / Solli’s

Totally in love with this Cartier Trinity bracelet. My birthday is in June an I really want to have this bracelet. (so mum, dad, boyfriend!! the Trinity bracelet :)) What do you think of it?

6 mei, 2011 | Personal

Ph. dailydoseofwxy

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Girls, because I changed my website name also my bloglovin changed. So everybody subscribe to my new blog on bloglovin.

Thank you all sweeties! =)

5 mei, 2011 | Food

Ph. Me & weheartit

Just out of bed and hungry! Have to do some grocery shopping & will defiantly buy myself something really nice for breakfast. Hmmm… 

4 mei, 2011 | Inspiration

Ph. Me

Inspiration of today is Navy. I went to work this morning and walked over the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam an did some windowshopping. I guess navy is it this summer because everywhere I saw some white, dark/light blue, stripes, red, polcadots. So, this summer, Navy it is!

3 mei, 2011 | Personal


I want to change my header/blogname/adres everything to my own name Nina. But now my question is do you like the idea of changing my blogname & what lettertype do you prefer for my header?

Please put your ideas, critics or anything in a reaction!

Thank you soooo much already!