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31 augustus, 2011 | New In

Ph. Fasionassist

Last week I walked in deBijenkorf and came by the shoes department. There I saw Hunter Boots, knowing they excisted but never realised they were so lovely! Did try them with a skinny jeans and it looked fabulous! So yesterday I decided to buy them on and tomorrow they will be in my hand and even better on my feet! What do you think of the boots??

23 augustus, 2011 | Personal


So, here I am again. Went on holiday, changed job, will start my internship in less than a week. Being so busy last 1½ month. But now I will be back. Read tons of fashion magazines & overused all the apps I have (click, grazia, zara, ELLE, enz) on my ipad. Love to search through all the “pages”. This friday Itunes will release a ASOS app. Soo gonna love it!