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21 september, 2011 | Inspiration

Ph. weheartit / blogspot

Today is one of those days. A BAD HAIRDAY! My hair is/was everywhere. So fuzzy and looking like a takkenbos. The first challenge this morning was to get some inspiration. Now I decided to make a braid and don’t touch it for the rest of the day. Tomorrow will be better I hope!

What do you do with a bad hairday? 

19 september, 2011 | Fashion

Ph. Tumblr

Still searching for a nice bouclé jacket.. Found already two, bought them but I’m not wearing them that much. Just because they won’t fit the right way. Really looking for something comparable with the picture. Love the combination.
Do you know where I can find one like the picture?
& where did you buy your own is you own one?

16 september, 2011 | New In

Ph. ELLE / Wig Anthology

My new in is a black wig 51 bag. It is from WIG ANTHOLOGY, they have a showroom in Amsterdam where you can find all most of the items. I know the bag is huge but I have way to much things with me everyday so for me it will fit perfectly. My length is only 1.63cm so maybe he will hit the floor. We will see!

What do you think of the bag? Too big? 

14 september, 2011 | Inspiration


I do love her style. The bags, jeans, sneakers, pumps, flats, scarfs, blazers actually I can’t stop saying any clothingpieces I wouldn’t love on her.She is one of my biggest inspirations at the moment.

What do you think of her style?

12 september, 2011 | Personal

Ph. weheartit

Today I worked the whole day on my internship assignment. It was a little harder than I thought. In the books I’ve got from school it is explaining one way, but my internship coach is explaining it a completely other way. So I tried to find a way in between. When the writing finally started to move on I had to quit because we had to meet up with some extern customers to talk over the event we are planning for them. At the end of the day I finished up the rough version of the assignment and will further and hopefully finish it tomorrow or the day after. Will update you all!

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