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31 januari, 2012 | Personal

Ph. weheartit

Yesterday I started with a new semester. Creative Industry it is! Everything I will do this upcoming half year is thinking out of the box. Not the usual way but the unusual way. Bought already a new book for Photoshop. Really curious what I can expect. Or what not? With yellow, green, pink and orange post it’s teachers decided in what group we were in. My friends Charly, Maaike and me are together so we will rock this semester. Let the CREATIVE party begin!! 

30 januari, 2012 | Fashion

New finds, but really not my find! Neon colored UGG for the new season. I like UGG & own a few pairs but this is not my style. Maybe the purple ones in combination with some purple pastels pieces? 

What do you think?

28 januari, 2012 | Personal

Time to do some social media. Please take a look at my Facebook page & like if you like! 
I also changed my way of comments. Stopped with disqus because not everybody left their blog address so I couldn’t take a look at new persons. 

27 januari, 2012 | Fashion

H&M still is my favorite webshop. Love to watch, click & add to basket. The new Rough & Sweet collection is really nice. I filled my basket already an will order some items. Especially like the stars and stripes dress.