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21 maart, 2012 | Personal

Ph. vogue
Yes, today I will collect my item. Will visit the shop with a friend of mine in Amsterdam & hope we will be on time. 
Are you buying this special one or are your waiting till tomorrow it will be in regular stores? 

16 maart, 2012 | Diary

What are you looking at?
Blue jacket I ordered from the Hema but don’t know if I will keep it // Next to my bed // New camera bag in use // My new jacket! <3 // Vogue Nederland is launching a pre-party together with the Bijenkorf A collector's edition will be presented. I NEED! 


15 maart, 2012 | New In

New in my collection of leather jackets. This bronze Label 13 “Crow“. The label is from two “famous” Dutch soap players. You can find the website over here! The leather is just perfect soft. Never felt anything like it and trust me I love leather! Just take a look at the website to see their amazing collection. I will defiantly say YES to another one but first I have to start saving again…


14 maart, 2012 | Fashion

1. Hilda €44,50 via Nelly

2. Broek €19,95 via H&M
3. Stella McCartney €1.125 via Net-a-Porter
4. Blouse €24,95 via H&M
5. Roberto Cavalli €3.000,- via Net-a-Porter
6. Roberto Cavalli €1.210,- via Net-a-Porter