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31 mei, 2012 | PersonalTravel

What are you looking at?
Tower of London // River Thames // St Paul’s Cathedral // Spice Market // Bupa Londen 2012 // Bupa in front of the Big Ben // Picadilly Circus // Liberty
Overall pictures of London everybody takes! The Bupa Londen 2012 was really special to see. This 10km running contest is held every year and part of the London marathon. Maybe something I want to do next year. The date is already announced. First I’ll run the Dam tot Dam and afterwards I’ll think about the Bupa 2013! Later this week I’ll show my new boughs…. 

30 mei, 2012 | PersonalTravel

Ph. me

The first part of my London pictures will show you the Camden market. My sister told me about it and me and my mother said yes right away. Alternative but not that much. Didn’t know what to expect… When we arrived with the subway it was already perfect. Sunshine over 25degrees. Not that many people and market stands all over the place. We started walking around with no plan or system. Just walking was the best option because there was a lot to see. Not like in Spain every 5 stands are the same but all different kind of goods. Jewelry, clothing, records, paintings, food, books, helmets, sculptures, shoes and many many more. If you’ll visit Londen, please go to the Camden Market. 
Tomorrow more pictures, London II! 

25 mei, 2012 | PersonalTravel

Ph. weheartit
Bye bye, I’m off to London to stay with my sister.  She studies there & I will visit here for the weekend. The weather is lovely, London is great & the family will be reunited. Perfect! Show you some pictures when I come back. Have a great weekend with a lot of sunshine and happiness. 

23 mei, 2012 | Personal

Ph. weheartit

Time to talk personal. Not that much inspiration for beauty, fashion and I didn’t buy something new the last day. (Yesterday I bought this sweet pink short) But something really nice is the sweet weather in Holland. The last couple of days we’ve got over 25 degrees everyday. I went running yesterday, really stupid it was wayyyy to hot! After 1,5 km I started running in the sun & I came home totally broke. Took a cold shower and went to my boyfriend. We ate a nice salad because it was still to warm to cook. Than I prepared this post and started searching for nice terrace pictures. Found thousands of them and started to think how I want my terrace to look when I have my own place. Think I will love the hippie look from the cover picture. Flowers and a lot of colors!

How do you want your terrace or garden to look like? 

22 mei, 2012 | New In

New in my wardrobe is a hot pink sport short. Used it immediately after I bought it to make a little run. Actually it is to hot at the moment to run but I had too because of my dam tot dam schedule. You can get yourself also one in the H&M webshop for only €9,95!