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16 mei, 2012 | Fashion

Ph. vicoriasecret
Summer, slippers, shadow, sun, shorts, shirts & swimwear!  I checked out the Victoria Secret website for some great inspiration. Now, I have to start searching myself for some nice bikini. This July I will visit Cuba & for sure it will be really really really hot over there. Start working out in the gym or outside & try on as much bikini’s as possible to get myself a great summer feeling! 
Did you find yourself already a nice bikini or bathing suit? 

15 mei, 2012 | Personal

Ph. wehearit
This picture is perfectly showing my life for the last three days. Having a really bad cold. My head is loaded with rocks & just sooooo heavy! Have to prepare myself for school tomorrow because I have a presentation. Slept way to many hours the last past days and I’m now done with being at home with my two best friends kleenex & citrosan. (hot lemon drink with Vitamine C and paracetamol) Hope I’ll be better as soon as possible!! 

13 mei, 2012 | Inspiration

Ph. weheartit

The sun is shining, the temperature is ok! Is finally the summer starting after so many days of rain? 
Cant wait!!!!