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23 september, 2011 | Food

Ph. restaurantvandaag

Yesterday I went for diner with a friend to Restaurant Vandaag. I read an article in a magazine and thought it was a nice place to go. It is all-in-one dining. You pay €24.95 for 2 hours or €29.95 for three hours. We took the three hour option. Didn’t see eachother for three months so we had a lot to discuss. The food was pretty good. There were so many options like, Italian, French, Grill, Seafood, Bread, Sushi, Salades, Oriental and an amazing desert counter. Everything was fresh made in front of you. Not only the food was included but also the soda’s, smoothies, juces, coffee & tea. We had a nice time and maybe I will go there again some day.

Did you ever had an all-in-one experience? Like a diner or a holiday?