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18 mei, 2011 | Inspiration

Ph. weheartit
Just love the Olsen twins & their style! Pictures, movies, books, magazines, they are everywhere and they are in one word awesome!  Really like to find pictures of them in “casual” look. Their style is my inspiration.

    mei 18, 2011

    I love them since they were little! Nice black and white pictures!


    mei 18, 2011

    i LOVE them!

    mei 18, 2011

    They are so beautiful! I really love them and their style

    mei 18, 2011

    I like the Olson twins too. Follow me back?

    mei 18, 2011

    They have such an amazing style and are definite style icons!!


    mei 19, 2011

    Love this post, I'm a huge fan of the Olsen twins!

    mei 19, 2011

    Hi Nina just realize that you said you are following me but I cant see it in my follower list. Can you pls. pls. re-follow me publicly. thanks

    mei 20, 2011

    I like seeing their clothes too, the two girls have such different but totally awesome styles. :)

    The Cat Hag

    mei 20, 2011

    Hello there! I just came across your blog and loved it! you have a great blog! love your style, check out my blog and follow if you like it, I promise to do the same for you!

    mei 22, 2011

    They're so amazing and authentic, love them <3
    x Ambre

    mei 27, 2011

    oh they just have the best style – id even settle for theyre beyond amazing hair. im in love xx

    mei 29, 2011

    mooie inspiratie!

    mei 30, 2011

    thnx voor je comment!
    super foto's!
    X amber

    mei 30, 2011

    I LOVE the Olsen sisters!! :)

    juni 5, 2011

    love the olsen twins!
    jammer dat ze tegenwoordig zo vreemd gekleed zijn.. ;s

    juni 6, 2011

    Mooie inspiratie!

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    juni 9, 2011

    Hun films die ze eerst maakte zijn echt leuk! (:

    juni 12, 2011

    Op sommige foto's zijn het echte beauty's, maar op andere foto's lijken het precies junkies. Ik weet niet zo goed wat ik van hen moet denken.

    Doe je trouwens al mee aan de winactie?
    Je kan namelijk fimo canes winnen op mijn blog.

    juni 15, 2011

    nice blog !

    juni 17, 2011

    Leuke foto's!

    juni 23, 2011

    Ik vind hun style echt goed.
    Doe je mee met mijn winactie?
    Xx liefs

    juli 4, 2011

    They are so gorgeous in anything the wear…I too find their outfits inspiring….