PERSONAL: Terrace |
23 mei, 2012 | Personal

Ph. weheartit

Time to talk personal. Not that much inspiration for beauty, fashion and I didn’t buy something new the last day. (Yesterday I bought this sweet pink short) But something really nice is the sweet weather in Holland. The last couple of days we’ve got over 25 degrees everyday. I went running yesterday, really stupid it was wayyyy to hot! After 1,5 km I started running in the sun & I came home totally broke. Took a cold shower and went to my boyfriend. We ate a nice salad because it was still to warm to cook. Than I prepared this post and started searching for nice terrace pictures. Found thousands of them and started to think how I want my terrace to look when I have my own place. Think I will love the hippie look from the cover picture. Flowers and a lot of colors!

How do you want your terrace or garden to look like?